Can"t import another audio file

I can"t import another audio file (MP4).
The first Audio i have imported is a MP3 file, everything works, when i would like to import the second audio file, the windows block icon came (it is the red icon, which means, that you can"t do this in the moment), so i can"t import my second audio file.
I"ve tried to import a second MP3 file but it doesn"t work either.

Help ;(

Der Simon

MP4 = Video files
MP3 = Audio files
You can detatch audio from MP4
Not quite sure what you’re having a problem with.
Make sure the files you are trying to use are not being used by another program.

I could put the audio side by side on one Audio track, but just created two Audio tracks for the picture.
Shotcut version 18.07.02
Windows 10 Home 64 Bit

Yes, you can. You simply cannot drag-n-drop it. This is a known bug that no one knows how to fix because it is not easily reproducible by developers. However, there are other ways to add things to the timeline besides drag-n-drop. Such as toolbar buttons and keyboard shortcuts. Learn them.

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