Can Shotcut merge two identical camera settings?

Hi all!

I’m brand new here and would first of all like to say hello to everyone!
But I also have a question: I make music, and I use Shotcut to process video recordings made with 2 or 3 action cams into small videos that I upload to various social media platforms.
My question: I would like to create a video in which I play several instruments at the same time. So I would set a camera to a fixed subject and record myself playing the drums, guitar and keyboards in this setting, one after the other, so that my movements don’t overlap. So far, so good.
Can I use Shotcut to merge these three scenes into one so that it looks like I’m playing all three instruments at the same time?

Many thanks in advance,

Greetings L_s_p😁

Hi @lost_synth_punk

Yes, you can do it with Shotcut.
You just need to use a mask filter on each tracks above the first track.

Example (with 3 instruments):

  • Track V1: You are in the center of the screen
  • Track V2: You are of the left side of the screen
  • Track V3: You are on the right side of the screen

The clip on track V1 doesn’t need a Mask filter.
You only need to use a mask on the two other clips.
Your choice of Mask filter depends on the complexity of your scene layout.

For a simple layout (like in my video below)
The Mask: Simple Shape will be enough.
If you need to create more complex masks, you may need to use Mask: Draw (Glaxnimate)

Here’s a very simple and quick example. I didn’t have time to a more detailed video. But maybe this will be enough to get you started.