Can i use shotcut on different computers?

Can I start making a movie on one computer and copy it to another computer and finish it on that computer?

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Yea? It’s allot of file managment but 100% double. Recommend to have shortcut and all your files that is going to be used to make the vide on a external hard drive. That if you switch often PC.

If you open a project on a new PC it’s going to ask you to select the file path for that video or image. Making it really importent to name your files so you can do this fast. Video00015432.mp4 is not a good name for example.

Try and make a video and then move a file elsewere on the PC with shotcut shut down. It’s going to ask you to guide it to it when you open the project agen. that’s pretty much what it is going to do on a new PC too. Keeping all your files for a video in one folder helps. And remember that it can be quite a pain to.

Ok, thanks for the help : )