Can I move positioned clips when the little "move" handle in their middle isn't visible?

I have a little problem with clips with the “Size, position and rotate” filter applied, when I want to “zoom in” on something in the corner of a clip by increasing the size and positioning it so only the “zoomed-into” part is visible:
When the little dot in the middle on which I can drag the clip around is outside the preview area I can’t move the clip anymore with my mouse.
Is there any key I can hold down while dragging to be able to drag the clip around (positioning it in the frame) from any mouse position on the clip?

After zooming in with the filter, click the view zoom toggle which I think you have done.

When you get to the position you want, click once on the preview screen, then SHIFT to activate the move tool.



Thanks a lot! I really need this trick for those zoom-in-and-follow or just highlight-by-zoom-in cuts.

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