Can I import files .ass or .srt in Shotcut?

I use the megui to create videos with subtitles in format .ass I wanted to know if shotcut does this, or if it has some other format that it can recognize, thanks

No, Shotcut does not natively support subtitles. See:


Several subtitle formats (I’ve only tried srt) can be combined with video in handbrake. Make your video with shotcut then combine the result in handbrake.
Another, long-winded way of doing it, is to play your video full screen with subs and capture the screen with OBS studio or similar software.

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A properly formatted srt file can be used to generate subtitles using the Text HTML filter. @Elusien’s website has more info.

You can use this html file to add subtitles to your video. Remove the txt extinsion. Copy and paste the contents of the srt file into the html file. Apply it to your video clip. the latest webvfx.js file needs to be in the same folder with the html file.

Subtitles.html.txt (968 Bytes)


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