Can I get some help with an error


When I export my video, I can’t save it as its own file, so I have to save my video to another file. I can’t select another file type either. When I try to name the video, like I am exporting it as its own file, it gives this error message.

As you can see, it doesn’t let me save as a type. All I want is to export my video without having to save it to another file. I don’t think I have done anything to do this because I have made other videos using the same settings. I also only have 1 video track and 1 audio. Can I get some help.


Quite strange.

You might have run out of storage space.

The lack of a “type” is “normal” in Shotcut right now.

What if you try it in C:\video.mp4 (or D:\video.mp4)? Same problem?

Can you disable your antivirus and try again? (probably not the problem)

Another theory would be that your drive is failing. Check it

Can you plug in a usb drive and save the file on it?

Are you trying to export it with the same name as the source file in the same location?