Can I export a small section of my project?

I’m trying to get my video timed “just right” and it would be really helpful if I could export a small area as opposed to having to export the entire project each time.

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Indeed you can! Make sure you save your project first (this won’t work if your project is untitled). Select “Timeline to source” (Hamburger menu, top left corner of the timeline pane). You complete video will appear in the preview viewer. To select just a portion of your video for export, you can either

  1. click and drag either end of the blue bar at the bottom of the preview screen, or
  2. navigate where you want the export to start, then press “i”, then navigate to where you want the export to end, and press “o” (nought, not zero).

Then select Export file and the portion of your video will be exported.


Wow ! I didn’t know about this feature. What a time saver. Thanks @jonray !

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No problem! :heart_eyes:

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