Camera path

Hello, I’ve been working with Shotcut for several years now and I think it’s a great programme, but I’m missing a few things.
I think a camera path that you can add like another video or audio track is a good idea.
The camera path behaves like a camera which can move, rotate etc. but it does not affect the video tracks.
To see better what I mean you can watch this video:

You originally categorized this as a Resource topic when in reality it is a Suggestion topic. I made this a thread without a topic because people that have just joined do not have the privilege of making suggestions yet. You have to participate in the discussions in this forum more before you can make official suggestions.

As far as what you are looking for, while Shotcut may not have that exact effect yet, there is a filter similar that works with music that may suit your needs. It’s called the Audio Dance Visualization filter.

Here’s a youtube video demonstrating it.

Have you used it before?

Yes I know this effect myself but I don’t really like it.
Another good idea for shotcut would be a motion blur. (like MB in After Effects)
I know there are many blur effects but a real motion blur is missing.

Until there is a genuine motion blur feature have you tried the Trails filter? It can give very similar results to motion blur.

I tried all but You have to set the blur manually for each blur filter.
An automatic blur applied by the “Size and Position” filter on change and speed would be a good idea.

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