Call for Papers

I’m putting together a blog focused on Digital Theatre’s impact on traditional Community Theatre. It will share insights, articles, interviews, techniques, and concerns.

Online Broadcasting Software (OBS Studio) is apparently the go-to production software. But I’ve seen SHOTCUT listed among the many post-production applications.

If anyone has theatre post-production experience using Shotcut and be willing to put together some thoughts or an article on any aspect of post production, I’d certainly provide attribution and links when published.

What counts as Digital Theatre? Movies, TV shows, YouTube vlogs, Netflix? Without a solid definition, I’m not sure what is competing against Community Theatre and what the impact would be. I assume Community Theatre means a live production of classic plays on a stage where an audience would have thought about gathering before COVID kept them away?

EDIT: Or does Digital Theatre just mean live-streaming a traditional Community Theatre play to a remote audience, as opposed to having the audience in the same physical room?

EDIT 2: Since you mentioned post-production, that rules out live streaming. So is Digital Theatre just recording and distributing a play digitally rather than having a physical audience? Doesn’t that now overlap with the Hollywood adaptation of “Cats” instead of being a Community Theatre production of “Cats” anymore?

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