Build qml files as a library

Rather than having to copy the qml folder during installation, I am proposing we create .qrc file for the qml files and then build as a library which can be either statically or dynamically linked to the executable. :slight_smile:

What is your goal to accomplish with this? Maybe it is easier for packaging?

I think that some users like to be able to edit/patch the QML files in their installation - so that would be a disadvantage to this suggestion.

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When I am working on QML during development I do not have to rebuild, which makes for faster work. I simply relaunch the app to test the QML changes. Also, this incurs many changes to my build processes (for our official builds) that is just additional overhead that I (no “we” there) do not need.

Actually had issues running the build directly from qtcreator on MacOS. I saw in the CMake file that the qml folder is only copied to the app bundle when running the install command.

Alternatively we can add a command to the CMakeList.txt to copy the qml folder to the app bundle post_build

For development I symbolically link the src/qml folder into the appropriate place in the build folder.