Bug with audio bitrate and hardware acceleration

Hi, I’m new here but I’ve been using Shotcut for about a year to edit tennis videos. My camera makes 7 minute video clips and I use Shotcut to crop, rotate, and remove dead time like retrieving the balls. It works great.

I use avidemux to then combine the individual video files (concatenate, no re-encoding) then upload the single file to YouTube.

I’ve had trouble with videos not combining correctly and I blamed avidemux but the problem turned out to be Shotcut (and me). I’ve tinkered with hardware acceleration and turned it off and on. I found that with at least with the H.264 Main Profile that checking “Use hardware encoder” cause the audio bitrate to change from 256 to 384. Unchecking the box doesn’t cause the bitrate to change back though! So if you have a series of videos, they could be made with different bitrates and won’t be compatible.

This problem seems simple but it took a long time to figure out so I hope this information can help other people.


Indeed, I also experience the same behavior.
I noticed that it happens in other output presets.
As a habit, whenever I modify some parameter in the configuration of an export setting and I am not sure, I select that preset again to return to the default value.
Thanks for letting us know about this.

Shotcut 20.09.13 - Windows 10

Oh thanks for confirming the behavior (the bug). I like your workaround idea of re-selecting the preset again to ensure that the default values are correct.

Thanks ejmillan.

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