?Bug? Video filters not copying and pasting with the same settings each time

Am copying and pasting four filters across multiple image files which sit on top of my main video stream (image files of powerpoint slides). The four filters are: size and position, opacity, fade in video, and fade out video.

It all works fine EXCEPT that the lengths of the fade in and fade out keep changing. Have “saved as default” and then re-copied the filters but still keeps defaulting to fading into halfway and fading from halfway. Just consistently want 2 sec fade in and 1 sec fade out.

Am running the latest version on Windows 10 64bit.

Many thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Update: have just figured that I can use the “revert to default” button for each filter, which speeds things up considerably but would still be useful for the values to to simply paste across. :slight_smile:

This has been fixed for the next release v18.07

Perfect, many thanks!