Bug? utf-8 not activated at "text simple" effect?

I can’t write ‘é’ or ‘ó’ or anything with ´
I always need to copy and paste to make it work.

Is it a bug?

I am using latest version with snap


In this first image I can write “éééé” as you can see

But in this second image, I can only write “eeee” as you can see


Can you try the flatpak? It uses a much newer version of Qt. These two windows you showed are using different parts of Qt - widgets and QML where you have the problem. We do not write the text input control for QML and have no control over it. Maybe the newer version has this fixed.

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I tried with flatpak and sadly its not fixed. But thanks for support anyway! Shotcut is my favorite video editor and I am enjoying it so much

Just more one question, do you think that flatpak shotcut will run faster than in snap? I mean, will a new qt version make that much differece in performance?

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