Bug: the position of clips on the timeline get unsynced when I change the video mode for export from 4k to HD

I use multiple video and audio tracks in my project. The clips have different resolution, from HD to 4k.
Although the final result will be in 4k, during the work I export it sometimes in HD, for testing purposes.
But at some moment I have realized that my clips from different tracks are not in sync when I switch the video to HD! When I switch it back to 4k, everything is in sync again.
This is rather frustrating… Please help.

The loss of sync usually happens because the frame rate changed rather than the resolution. Do the 4K and HD video modes have the same frame rate?

However, I’m not certain that the video mode needs to be changed in the first place. If the timeline is authored in 4K and there is need for an HD export, then what about going to the Export panel, clicking the Advanced button, and changing the export resolution to be the HD size needed? Switch the Interpolation drop-down to Bicubic for better results. This effectively does the same thing as changing the video mode for this use case, but without altering the timeline. It’s a resize-before-export.

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Thank you! It helped

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