Bug : Marker V20.10.31

I just installed V.20.10.31 and clicking on M does not place the marker on the timeline unlike V.21.09.20 unless I’m mistaken.

V.21.09.20 didn’t have the Markers feature. Markers were just introduced in V.20.10.31. And I have no problems placing markers by pressing the M key. Make sure that the focus is on the timeline and not on some other panel like filters and that of course you have a clip first in the timeline before trying to add markers.

This is a known problem on the Linux Flatpak build for some strange reason, but you did not state what operating system and package you are using. Please tell us.

Hello and thank you for your answers, the problem seems to be solved, I reinstalled Shotcut and the marker works perfectly. by the way I am using W10 and a new portable computer supposed to be powerful but it still trails from time to time even using the proxy. Thanks for Shotcut.