Blurred out text in Filter Boxes

I absolutely love using Shotcut but I have recently run into a problem that make it virtually impossible to use. I have had this before, albeit intermittently. But since the latest version update I can not get rid of it.
The problem being that all of the info boxes in and around the use of filters are blurred for some reason. I occasionally get the whole time line blurred too but that seams to disappear as I use the software.
I hope someone can help?
Kind regards Paul
See the attached image.
ShotCut Blur in Filters Boxes

I have never encountered such a situation before. Could it be related to the operating system?

If you are using windows, try updating your graphics card drivers. If Linux, then the mesa driver version. In my case, inexplicable UI artifacts are given by activating gpu effects, try turning it off.

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