Blank/empty .mlt file

Hi everyone,
I made a project on Shotcut a few days ago, I exported the video in .mp4 and .wmv. The issue is, I would like to keep edit the audio of the video. But when I try to open the .mlt file, there is no file, the screen is blank. I tried opening the .mlt file in Notes, here’s what it says :

I don’t remember having moved the .mlt file neither the videos and pictures used in this project.
I’m sure that by exporting the project in .wmv or .mp4 I’ve flattened the different audios, but if there’s a way to keep having the multiple audios I had even with the .mp4/wmv, it’d also solve my problem.

Thank you for your help !

I am sorry to say that you may have mistakenly chose not to save when prompted upon closing/quitting the application.

As @shotcut said, it seems like you have not saved the MLT.

But try to look in the autosaves, maybe there would be a capture of it, if not all but some.

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