Black screen with sound (V.18.06.02)


I seem to have a problem that I don’t understand. I’m on W10 64bits
When I export a video (format Youtube 720p usually) I get on the final version some randomly long period of black screen but with sound. The problem is I don’t know where does this come from. When I edit my video there are no signs of such a problem and it appears only after exporting.
The length seems random and the places where these black “holes” appear seem (and here it’ll only be a supposition) to be before cuts where I removed a part of the video BUT not only. Sometime there is just a cut before a section that is edited but also it can happen randomly with no video edit after.
The original video come from a PS4 and there are no problem on it before editing.

I already tried to uninstall completely, clean potential old files and install anew but still the same problem.
I’m going nuts because it’s damn impossible to get a correct video in this situation.

Has anyone any idea about how to fix this? I’m going nuts ^^

Can you attach your mlt project file? (just simply drag it into the reply window)

Just the mlt? Ok so here goes.
It’s only a test not a real video but the problem is the same.
I have black screens at:
27s-35s; 48s-54s; 1m27s-1m34s; 4m55s-5m28s
randomtest.mlt (12.7 KB)

Hello Guys,
I’m having the same problem, anyone know any fixes?
Video is fine, then goes black for last portion with video playing.

hey guys,

Im having exactly the same problem, its really annoying and i have no idea how to fix this…
Can someone help us guys out?

greetings Brizzik

Guys, the reason you not getting any help is because you expect so much from so little.
We need:
Editor Screenshots