Black Screen Playback

I’m helping out someone with a YouTube video. But once I exported the video the playback was a black screen and the audio stayed… Is it a problem with the resolution because there was different videos that had different resolution.

Did you have the “Use Hardware Encoding” option set on the export? This is often the cause of this type of problem.

Yes its already enabled. But is there a thing I need to configure??

In that case DISABLE it, which will use software encoding instead. That should fix your problem.

Ok I disabled it and its exporting. I will reply if it works

Ok! Thanks it worked I will remember this next time I edit!

Check to see if Shotcut can detect your graphics card by clicking the Configure button that’s to the right of where it says “Use hardware encoder” and uncheck anything that is checked off. Press “Ok” then check the box for “Use hardware encoder” and wait. The results of Shotcut detecting your hardware encoder will appear right under the player next to the tab that says “Project”.

Let us know what it says.

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