Black blackground when importing an image in certain video formats

I import an image (solid colour rectangle) and place it over a mp4 video and works fine.

In the same timeline, with the same image but with a .avi video, the image has a black background that overlays the video.

can’t post more than one screenshot, uploaded in

The avi. video shows perfectly after the image (rectangle) doesn´t overlap it.

I have changed the composite icon and nothing change. i put the videos in the same track and still not working.

I transcoded the video to .mpeg4 and it works but still wondering why - it is a bug?

No idea, works fine here with an AVI on V1 and a JPG on V2

Try it with a new project using only the .avi and the .jpg

I did it, no luck. Maybe it’s something to do with the video format. Anyway, after transcoding it to mpeg4 it works fine. Thanks!