"Bicubic sharper" for downsizing 4K to HD?

I have been using 4K footage that is finally exported to 1080p video. To me, it appears bicubic seems to be the most accurate interpolation, but there are instances, especially in darker scenes, where the resulting image appears to be slightly too soft. Lanczos doesn’t solve this (and makes it worse, in my opinion). I’m already bumping up the quality to 65%, but it’s not perfect, and going higher is disastrous for file size.

My question: if anyone else has experienced this, what did they do to minimize softness? I am trying sharpening and contrast filters, but I’m getting this nagging feeling that there must be another way.

Read about a newer version of bicubic, namely “bicubic sharper,” which might resolve this issue. Are there any plans of implementing this in Shotcut?


Sorry I can’t help you with your problem, but it is good to know someone else shares my opinion of bicubic vs. Lanczos.

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