Best way video and edit an event

I plan on setting up my GoPro Hero 6 Black to record hockey and ringette games. The games run approx 1hr.
The GoPro would be mounted to the outside of the glass near the blueline or across from the faceoff circle but would be aimed towards the net
The only footage that would be recorded would be when he puck or ring is in the end that the GoPro is in
What is the best option to record these games?

  1. Prior to faceoff start to record and let the Go Pro run until the final buzzer
    When I get home I split/cut and join the clips together what I don’t want I remove.

  2. Either with a GoPro remote or standing nearby using voice commands I initiate the stop all recording at my discretion.
    When I get home I join the clips together and remove what I do not like.
    From what I understand I will lose a few seconds of every clip this way.

There is no “best way”.
This is more of a personal opinion.

In my experience from missing footage, I record everything all of the time.

Mounting and shooting through the glass? You might want to test this out so see if you like the results. I can only imagine the video to be very jerky or the camera would auto focus on a piece of dust on the glass.

The GoPro is a fixed Iris camera - it doesn’t focus.

Is it possible to generate LTC timecode and record that to the audio track of each of the cameras?

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