Best video converter before editing in Shotcut

Hi. I’ve been using a video converter for each of my GoPro clips prior to editing in Shotcut, which reduces the export time, which in turn reduces the time it takes for YouTube to upload. In the middle of my editing, I came across a clip that after converting in Any Video Converter and placing on the Shotcut time line, it appears as a black screen on play back. Curiously, when I double click on the clip when its in the playlist, it plays fine. But when that same clip is in my time line and I play it, it is blank - black screen with no video or audio, despite the fact that the “cursor” is moving. Furthermore, when I place the UNCONVERTED clip (straight from the GoPro camera) onto the timeline, it plays okay. I am inquiring if anyone else had this problem, and either found a solution, or found a video converter that does not issue in this problem. One may say to just go ahead and edit the clips straight from the GoPro camera. But if I do that, the exporting in Shotcut takes many hours to complete, and the uploading to YouTube takes days. Thank you for your help.

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