Best laptop for video editing

I wanted to buy new laptop for video editing for my digital marketing agency.
Right now i need budget friendly laptop after a year i will be to upgrade my laptop.

Suggest some best laptops not acer or lenovo?

But if you have personal experience than share that as well.


From a couple of days ago

these are epensive one i need budget friendly my range is $600-$900. Right Now i have this much earning.

Further down the thread, there was mention of an $875 laptop that should perform very well. Getting a solid video performer laptop at $600 may not be realistic. Maybe from a friend as a favor, but not from a retailer, unless you find a great refurbished deal.

If it’s possible to buy another computer in a year, is a laptop truly necessary? What about a tower computer that’s even cheaper at $270 for a year, and save money for the next computer?

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