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It takes a VERY long time to render video on the computers I have. They’re pretty powerful, desktop machines running WIN-10 pro, but not up to the task.

I was wondering if a gaming computer might work better, what with the much improved video card and (presumably) more powerful CPU.

This might be happening due to not using the correct rendering options, you have to see what settings are best to render, and would give the fastest results. Use things like hardware encoding, and try lowering down the bitrate until it gets to a useful amount, rendering a lossless file could also increase time of rendering (I assume, idk really).

Anyways, just saying that your PC is powerful, doesn’t mean we could get the full information of it if it is really enough or not. Maybe it’s more than what you need, but you weren’t using the correct settings.
You have to define the specifications of your PC, and also the project you are working on (not the storyline and all, but what type of clips, ex mp4 or so, and there file sizes, how heavy of a edit it is, etc).

In terms of buying a gaming PC, it’s something that depends on your use case, spending extra money on just rgb showoff and so would be a waste if you don’t need that pc for gaming too… If you like to game, have use cases that match for the pc, then it’s a fine to buy a gaming pc. Otherwise you can get some actual editing focused machines that would also perform good, and would save some bucks by keeping the design simple. I mean, gaming PC do also perform good, but why spend extra for rgbs.

I rather prefer buying macbook, maybe the m1, it would be a lot portable, and optimized. It has a great performance, and it renders really fast. I use one, and it’s definitely better than my xiaomi laptop.

Other than that, I can only say it depends on you that what is best suited for you.

I use the default when I render these. So you’re saying that a different setting might be better? I use Go-Pro and Zoom cameras, so the video clips are .MOV and MP4. I generally have two video clips that switch back and forth on, and I mix the audio on a separate track.

Here’s a link to the show. I don’t use Shotcut for the final edit, I use OBS for that. I use Shotcut to render the individual clips, then I go to OBS for the mix.

I just tried using the Youtube setting, and it made a big difference. I think changing the setting is the answer.

Rendering speed directly depends on the number of tracks, on the format of the video project, on its duration, and slightly depends on whether hardware or software rendering is selected.

The performance of this video editor is most affected by the CPU. The more powerful it is, the faster the shotcut will work. A very important parameter is the amount of RAM, when it is not enough - working with a video editor may not be comfortable. The video card affects the speed of the shotcut the least, since almost all processing involves the central processor. But the developer is actively working to ensure that the most commonly used filters support the GPU, which will significantly speed up the work of shotcut in those projects in which these effects are used. For example, my laptop can play 16 “processor” blur effects on one track, and more than 40 GPU blur effects, while loading graphics card resources.

the recommended RAM requirements are 16 GB for 4K. I have 16GB but part of that amount is, of course, intended for the OS, other apps, GPU virtual memory and so on. So of that 16GB will be allocated to Shotcut about ten.
Do you recommend, then, an increase in RAM to 32GB (2x16)?

You might benefit from this topic

and what about the i5-1340P (Intel NUC) with 32 GB of RAM?

I don’t use either of them, so I can’t really tell the preferable settings, you might have to find that for yourself…

To be true, if you are really ready to spend 400 bucks for chip, at that point, I would prefer a macbook (m1), maybe second hand through ebay. It depends upon you what would be better, a chip or a mac m1…

But that would really be worth each buck you spend…

One small reminder, I can’t really say about rendering, on my m1 air, it’s a nice render speed, but when I tried another one, another m1 air, the render was slow.

Otherwise, editing was great on both of them…

i always work on Linux systems (no Apple, sometimes Windows) so I search for a mini PC and the i5 posted seems me to be fast.

That’s why I already stated this, obviously you are anonymous to me, so I can’t say anything for sure-

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