Beginner questions (I have watched tutorials and read in forum)

Hello good helpers in the Shotcut-forum

I am a beginner in editing video - and obviously with this program. I have watched several tutorials and read some posts in this forum.

It can be tricky though, to find out and search for exactly how to do “things”/apply the tools described in the mentioned videos and posts. Therefore these questions:

  1. I have a long video that is split in two parts when transferred from camera to pc. When I place them after one on the timeline, there is a black spot in between the tracks both when played in the program and exported. I’ve been told from someone using another program (well this is how I remember it told) that a folder with both files were imported to the program to avoid this gap. Is that possible in this program? Or if not, is there another suggestion?

  2. I have a separate audio track to the video(s), and I find it hard to get it quite right with cutting. To be honest, I haven’t tried that much, but just to get started seems difficult even with slow motion - when I don’t know how to use the sound waves, etc. So I thought it must be an easier way to synchronize to sound … In the forum I can see that is suggested to help. Does anybody know this? If yes: How is the sound from the video file and audio file synchronized in this tool? The audio is obviously the one to be used … Will the output be a video the good/right sound be saved? (So that I can start cutting and editing the video without having to be bothered with the sound issue).

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For 1):

Make sure that snapping is set (the magnet icon on the timeline toolbar) then positioning one clip close to another should cause them to snap together.

Or select the gap and then delete it.

There are other ways as well when adding clips.

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Additionally to Elusien’s tip, go to the end of the first clip and look at each frame moving backwards, some might be black.
The detour you got told is not necessary for editing in Shotcut.

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Thank for the replying! :slight_smile:

Thank you for replying! :slight_smile:

My pleasure :slight_smile:. Did one tip help?
If not, you could upload screenshots to illustrate your problem. They might provide further hints.

Hello Samth

I don’t know if I used the snap-tool the previous time I put them together (I think I did), but anyway - now there is no black microgap when playing in the program. I now want export the video just to check how the output is there. What format would you reccomend? The video-file is .MTS and for the previous video I exported I used .MPEG4. The quality looked quite the same as the original, but not sure. It took a l o n g time though to export (1:30 hour long video). I can’t see the format .MP4. The use is for Youtube.

Kindly regards, Ingunn

PS, I just exported as Youtube (showed up as MP4). Seems like it’s taking a while to save …

Hello again Samth

Ok, file checked after exporting and black microgap is not there!
I’ve tried the Auxmic-program. but I couldn’t get it to work.
So, what is the best solution to perfectly syncronize the video (.mp4) and audio (.wav) files? Play in slowmotion, place a cut and place the cuts under each other?

Kindly regards
Ingunn Borren

For the export duration: Check if “Use hardware encoder” is enabled. But depending on your source files, it may take some while. I am not familiar with .mts files, so I cannot help you.
Since I never had to synchronise audio and video, I don’t know any easy way to achieve this. I probably would just go by listening but that is not very helpful. I hope someone with expertise with this can assist you.

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Thank you for your reply! :slight_smile:

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