Been up before

“There are missing files in your project.”

Always. No matter how I I try it.

Probably some shit in my system. I think the program is just writing in the wrong places and can’t find its own files.

What version are you using? Have you tried the latest version?

Yes. Downloaded the latest version today.

This problem has been the same on two different systems, two different computers I’ve used during three years in between.
Might be some personal gimmick I use that isn’t common.

My I ask; that "tractor: What is it?

I went through the program, its maps and cannot find a file in that image.

I was a programmer in the 80’s but have since long lost it. The signs around the word ‘tractor’ is not a place in a typical map on a computer. I think its a ‘counter’ which means there has to be a commander and a place to go and check. :wink:

I’ve seen similar problems described in the forum. Not exactly like mine but close enough to this handle.

I have a Windows 7. I usually get to hear it might be to oldish. :slight_smile:

Hello @MichaelOhman

As I look at your screenshot, I noticed you have 2 icons greyed out.

Did you hide any folders? Using Bit-Locker?

No. This is a standard feature in Windows.

There are some applications on the market that does this and more. I do not use them.

When you switch icons like this its basically a few numbers in the ‘registry’.

I have the icon for ‘chrome’ changed to a colorless version. Same with several others.

It would not seem such manipulation would effect the application as I see it.

Good you noticed however.

By the way having “hidden folders” activated shouldn’t be a problem I hope?

I still think there might be some stupid restriction or omission I’ve made early on on my system that may cause the application to malfunction.

Knowing what it is may help more people than me.

By the way, Hudson, I can still start up .mlt-files after the remark.

They just don’t seem to remember important stuff from the latest working session.

And I can’t get sound to work into video files. It’s either sound or video.

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