Batch rendering videos without gui?

Dear shotcut community, dear devs

is there a way to render a video from a mlt file with a command? I look for a possibility to render a video without open the gui of shotcut. For example in the console:

shotcut myVideo.mlt --render myVideo.mp4

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Very possible and not too difficult for advanced user.
path\to\Shotcut\melt -consumer avformat target=output-file.mp4 g=150 bf=3 ... your-project.mlt
In the area with ... you can enter more encoding (export) options. This is where things get a little tricky. There are 2 ways to get these:

  1. Do an Export using the UI, view the job XML, and look at the 4th line that starts with <consumer. Copy and paste all of these on this line before the ending />.
  2. Save the export settings as a custom preset, then instead of all of these options between target=output-file.mp4 and your-project.mlt you write properties=path/to/custom-export-preset. To get this path, go to Settings > App Data Directory > Show > presets > encode.

What do all these options mean? That is quite complex. You need to understand a little about MLT and a lot about FFmpeg muxers and encoders including codec implementation-specifics: MLT - Documentation

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Thank you very much! That works.

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