Basic tips please - how not to mess up my Timeline

Hi guys,

I’m now using shotcut quite heavily and I always seem to make a mess of my timeline when it has multiple tracks, and I’m just doing some final tweaks to a project (adding titles etc).

For example I’ll add a title clip (V) with Ripple All on, to preserve track layering later on - and find it goes in the wrong place, so I undo it (CTRL-Z) but that causes lots of misalignment in my stacked clips, or splits clips unexpectedly.

Similarly, I’ll undo something innocuous - like a small move of a clip, and the undo will do similar things (split clips somewhere else in the timeline, or make things out of order)

I imagine this is user error. Has anyone got tips for a more seamless editing experience?

If Ripple is causing a lot of issues, before doing an edit with Ripple, perform a Save As. This makes a new file from the existing project. So if there is a major snafu with editing, you have a good backup to get back to.

Use an empty audio AND video track which is for pasting and dragging new clips. Move them from the empty track to final spots and they won’t move things as they do when dragged into those zones fresh.

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