Avoiding stutter because of "too many" tracks


currently I’m working on a new video of mine (“A Journey through a bad dream” :slight_smile: ) and I have currently 5 video and 2 audio tracks and in some parts e.g. 5 filters<!>. And that is a “Single Frame pro Second”-Show!

Isn’t there any chance to get the preview playback without any stutter?

I have an Intel I3-6100 (2 cores, each with 3,7 GHz) and 16 GB RAM.
In use, while stutter:
CPU: ~50%
RAM: ~8 GB (Shotcut + some other)

Though I have meanwhile got a good “Stutter-Evading-Ear” to get good transitions, but isn’t there a chance to maybe “pre-render” into the RAM and/or to force the CPU?

That would be really nice!

TIA :smile:
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Have you tried changing some of the settings to see if you can improve/reduce the stutter?

This is probably the most promising:

Also worth considering:

  • Interpolation
  • Display Method


thanks for answering!

Tested…, but no… :frowning:
Interpolation set to ‘Fast’ brings a little, but else…no.

Meanwhile I export a small part (on very low codec value), e.g. a single minute, to see and hear how it is in real time, if the transitions fit to the music, a.s.o…
But, and this is simply my idea, it would be great to have a “Pre-Rendered-Sequence” into the RAM. It should be done very fast and 10, 20 sec. should be enough to see and hear while editing how the video got in real time.

I’m glad you found something that works for you - even if it is a little inconvenient.

“Pre-Rendered-Sequence” is a fine idea. I do not know what kind of priority that would get.

Also, I do not know about your system. But there are many users on this forum who report huge preview performance improvements after upgrading their hard drive to SSD. Maybe an option for you if you are willing to spend some money.

Oh, that’s simple… :smile:

I3-6100 (2 cores, 3,7 GHz)
SSD Samsung 860 256 GB
GTX-1060 6 GB

The only thing I’m a little low is that I (the CPU) have only 2 cores, there maybe is a 6 > cores CPU better, faster. But that stutter is so heavy, that I want to doubt, that more cores would solve it, and because of that my CPU is only using half of its possibility.

Maybe, because of a “Pre-Render”, that can be added step by step, as long as enough space is available, and/or can feature a “Here cleaning and new sequence starting”.

In one part of my current work, I have 5 video and 3 audio tracks as layer, and in some parts for video I have 4 filter, and in addition one audio track has a keyframe for loudness, and I’m pretty sure that you do not want to hear the playback while editing. :smile:

You can export a portion of the timeline and then double-click the finished export job to preview. This will use RAM if you setup a RAM disk. Otherwise, use a hard drive. They will both give about the same amount of speed. In the timeline menu, choose Copy Timeline to Source, trim in the source player, and export. Yes, this will get easier some time in the future.

Thanks in advance. :smile:

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