Automatic upgrade doesnt work (20.09.27; Debian 10)

When trying to perform an update, I get this message: “Failed to read version.json when checking. Click here to go to the website.”. Honestly, I don’t recall if it ever worked with any version or system, I believe every time I was simply reinstalling it. But I believe this should be able to fix so I wonder if there is a solution for this issue. Here is the latest message from the log:

[Info ] MainWindow::showStatusMessage “Checking for upgrade…”
[Warning] MainWindow::onUpgradeCheckFinished “Error creating SSL context (error:140A90C4:SSL routines:func(169):reason(196))”


We cannot change an old version. Also, this does not do an upgrade. It is simply a notification service. It looks like a compatibility issue between the bundled Qt build and installed version of OpenSSL.

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