Audio track with an image and scrolling or fade in/out text


just switching to shotcut from moviemaker… still trying to get my feet under me…

seems like a simple thing i’m trying, but i can’t seem to make it work… i just have an audio track with a static image file for the length of the track… i’m trying to create another track for various texts that i want to either fade in/out or scroll over the image…

the audio plays for the length of the track but the image isn’t visible when the text is playing…

feels like i must be doing something fundamentally wrong but i can’'t figure it out… any help would be appreciated…


This may be of interest


Shotcut will not show the video from audio tracks. You need to use a video track if there is an image on it.


If this static image is not on a video track, add a video track and move it to there. Then, select this image clip, click Filters and add the Text filter or the Overlay HTML filter. Now, that one piece of text is over the entire image clip. To change the text at various times, simply Split the image clip(s) where needed and adjust the Text filters on each.


To fade in/out the text, you need to take a different approach. You will need to add an additional video track, create a transparent color clip, attach a text filter to the transparent color clip, add the transparent color clip to the new video track, apply fade in/out to the transparent color clip on the timeline, view the Fade In/Out Video filters that were added in the Filters panels, and click the checkbox to “Adjust opacity instead of fade with black”. Yes, that is fairly involved. There might some tutorial videos on YouTube but it is also covered in the paid course available through the web site.

Scrolling text is not yet directly supported, and you have to use HTML as @Steve_Ledger linked above.


This tutorial created by @jonray ,one of the forum posters, might help with text and fade in-out issues.