Audio track selection/mute/etc. not working? Bug?

I’m working on a video with several sources, some with background noise, differing volumes, etc. The Shotcut audio filters worked poorly to fix these problems, so I fixed the audio in Audacity. So now I have a new audio source which is the MP3 produced by Audactiy - background noise eliminated, volume normalized, and even de-silibated. I added an additional audio track to the timeline, placed this MP3 on the new track, and muted the previous tracks.

Unfortunately, the exported audio has the original tracks and not the new one.

Also, if I mute all tracks as below and play, I still hear the original audio, but only sometimes:

It seems like the track mute function does not work as one would expect?

Is this a bug, or does Shotcut work completely differently as I expect from the UI?

Thanks in advance for any help on how to get the correct audio track played and output,
Best Regards, Dave

There are no known issues, pitfalls, or confusing UI in this area.

I do not reproduce this. When you say sometimes do you mean certain time portions of the timeline or intermittently on each playback?

It is possible that the UI has become out of sync with the project. You should try restarting Shotcut and reloading the project.

A bit more experimenting shows that the track mute buttons only function when not playing and position line at the beginning of a clip. I expected that I could change the audio source while playing or certainly when stopped in the middle of a clip? Can you reproduce this?

That’s not correct. There is simply a short delay when you do it while it is playing.

Also it does not depend on the position.

This is the behavior I see on my project.
Shotcut version 22.12.21
Windows 10, 11th Gen Intel(R) Core™ i9-11900H @ 2.50GHz, RAM 64.0 GB (63.7 GB usable)
If you want to have a look I can upload the project to my server.
Best Regards, Dave

Start a new project and try to figure out if the problem is specific to your one project that you are currently working on.

After closing and restarting Shotcut, the exported audio contained the correct track.
Bad behavior with mute buttons still persists.
Apologies, I just can’t spare any time debugging these problems now, I’ve got way too much work…

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