Audio track blank in properties bug

What is your operating system?

What is your Shotcut version (see Help > About Shotcut)? Is it 32-bit?
v 21.05.18 64 bit

Can you repeat the problem? If so, what are the steps?
When trying to select audio tracks corresponding to video clips in the properties Shotcut shows both the audio and video tracks as blank. This problem started recently and is a pain because I record my mic and desktop audio separately from each other, this bug essentially makes it so I have no choice in which audio track is included with the video clip. Typically works fine at first but after detaching audio from a few clips it decides to not work. Screenshot included:

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Can you show a screenshot of your source video file properties?
Same window, just click on the the clip in V1, showing the video tab.

Um sure is this what you were looking for?

*Update on the situation
It seems to work after a while of just sitting around almost like the track has to be processed/ recognized. But I’m not sure what the timeframe is of the tracks coming back. However, after about 20 min of not interacting with the project but leaving it open the properties tab has returned to normal. Any thoughts on why this might happen?/ How do I avoid it? any help is much appreciated just want to avoid this in future projects as its really annoying and only started very recently. Screenshot of how it normally behaves:

First time that I’ve seen this, so not sure what’s going on.
Maybe the file is damaged or in use with another application.
Not sure why you’re working with an interlaced video, which seems odd.

This is what you should be seeing.

Definitely weird, it usually looks like your screenshot so idk what I’ve done to piss it off. Would you mind explaining what you mean by an interlaced video, I’m sort of new to recording/editing and have no idea what that is even after googling it :sweat_smile:

You probably ran out of memory, not sure how your computer is built.
Are you using an SSD, NVME, or a older style Hard Drive (HDD)?
And if you have anti-virus running, might want to consider turning that off as it does use up a lot of system resources.

CPU speeds matter as well.

Ah maybe, I use an M.2 SSD as my main boot drive with a 2tb HDD for storing videos and games. I use the mp600 500gb to be exact:

But memory sounds like a good guess, maybe ill try to edit with no other applications I did hear chrome is a bit of a memory hog.

It very much is.

The longer Chrome is running, the more memory it uses.

If you must have a browser open while you work, merely closing excess Chrome tabs is sometimes not enough to free up enough memory.

I have found the following sequence to be useful in such cases.

  1. Save the Shotcut project. (I always use Save As, maintaining a series of numbered checkpoints, so I can walk-back any mistakes.)
  2. Close the Project, Exit ShotCut.
  3. Close excess Chrome tabs.
  4. Exit Chrome.
  5. Open ShotCut
  6. Open the project MLT.
  7. Open Chrome. (Restore Tabs if prompted. Usually this is unneeded, as they restore automatically.))

On my Linux machine, step 6 is the key. As the project opens, Linux reserves sufficient file buffers in memory to handle the job, grabbing the memory before Chrome can request it.

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You are going to get better performance if you use your M.2 SSD for video editing. Actually having all of the files you need to use for your project on the M.2.

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I will def try my biggest fear is storage filling up fast. Thanks for all the suggestions/help guys!

This is normal: not all details are always available and stored into the project. Thus, it must load the file, and it does this asynchronously (background) to prevent the UI from hanging momentarily. Of course, if your hard drive is very busy while building an audio waveform, it is going to be slow to respond to this action.

my biggest fear is storage filling up fast

It is recommended to move files to the fast storage only while editing that project and then transfer to the USB when done.

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A further note when using USB storage.

If the MLT and the original files are in separated folders, ShotCut might have a hard time finding them in a future edit of the project.

If the originals are in the same folder and the MLT, or in a folder under the one with the MLT, the project folder (folder with the MLT) is saved complete to the USB, Shotcut will have no problem finding all the files.