Audio Stuttering

I’m editing a video but the audio is stuttering badly. It also isn’t synced with the video. I’m linking a YouTube video of my problem below so you can see exactly what I mean. I’ve never had this issue before so I don’t know what to do.

Thank you for your help in advance!

How did you create that file you are showing us? I think it is incompatible with Shotcut, but Shotcut was not able to detect that and offer a suggestion to convert it. You can convert it yourself within Shotcut:

  1. open the video file (it should be in the Source player at this point)
  2. go to Properties > menu-button > Convert to Edit-friendly…
  3. click OK, enter a name, and click OK
  4. wait for the conversion job to finish
  5. when it is done, double-click it to open it

Is it better after conversion?

The one in Shotcut - not the one from OBS to make the YouTube video to show the problem.

Hi, thank you for your quick response. I was using OBS Studio to record my screen and the audio, and I was filming off my computer’s webcam. The issue seems to have fixed itself though. I just closed the program and re-opened it. However, I will use your advice for the future. Thank you!

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