Audio stops working during playback

While editing a specific project, all of a sudden the audio will stop playing when I play the video within Shotcut. It goes as follows:

  1. I open Shotcut, and open a project
  2. I start playing the project - audio works
  3. At some point (after I pause and then start playing again) - I won’t hear any audio. The video still displays, but there is no sound (neither through my speakers nor on the Audio Loudness scope).


  • If I don’t pause - play the video from beginning to end - the audio will work for the whole project. But if I pause and / or move the playhead to a different part of the video, the audio stops working.
  • If I reopen the same project (without even restarting Shotcut) the audio works again - but similarly after a little bit (after I pause) the audio won’t be working anymore.
  • Audio stops working for all tracks on the project (audio tracks as well as audio from video tracks).
  • Audio Waveform is still shown on the audio tracks.
  • I even re-installed Shotcut, but no change to the mentioned issue.
  • Other applications can still play audio, it’s only Shotcut.
  • Problem does not come up in past projects, only in current project I am working on.
  • It does not appear to be a resource issue - neither CPU utilization or memory are low.

I did not install any updates to Shotcut or the OS around when this started.

Shotcut: 19.10.20
OS: Windows 10 Home 64 bit (fully updated)

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

If you are able to do some experiments, I would suggest:

  1. Save a copy of your project (so you don’t lose your work)
  2. Try removing filters one at a time
  3. Try removing transitions one at a time
  4. Try removing clips one at a time

The best case scenario would be that you could tell us that the problem is caused by one specific thing.

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It seems that this solved the issue! I started with removing all filters (directly in the mlt file), and subsequently the issue was gone. Thanks so much!

Were you able to determine which filter was causing the problem?

No, because I had about 100 filters in total, and it would not have been feasible to remove them one by one to determine which one caused the issue. The types of filters I had are:
-Mute (Audio)
-Fade in (Audio)
-Fade in / out (Video)
-Gain (Audio)

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