Audio seeking problem on unspecified file

I don’t know how to explain it but when I was going to make a meme, there was an audio bug that I think shotcut should fix RIGHT AWAY! I think the problem is that with a certain audio file and when you play it, it goes to another part of the song, not syncing like it’s supposed to. I just want to make memes;-; To see the footage of this bug so u know what I am talking about, click here:

First, you should update to the latest version of Shotcut (v18.10.08) and see if the problem repeats with it. Second, you need to give more information. Please read this post.

Third, you say that you think there is a problem with a certain audio file. What kind of audio file are you using?

Try too reencode the audio file to an other type and try again

That does not mean anything. Usually a meme is a silent still image. Actually, you did not provide any information to explain the bug. However, I can say already there is a major a/v sync bug fix for the next version, and there is a known bug seeking on audio files with album art in the Source player but not when you add it to an audio track in the timeline. As others said, you can try to convert the audio file to WAV.

Finally, let me say that I find the tone of your subject line and all caps “RIGHT AWAY” is very disrespectful. I do not owe you a response or anything.

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