Audio Problems

Hello Shotcut Forum,

I have had an interesting problem come up while editing some of my YouTube videos.

When I put my video file(s) into Shotcut, you can hear everyone’s audio in the Xbox party, except me. I had the voice overlay turned on, so you could see when I was talking but you could not hear me (My mic wasn’t muted). This has happened 2 times before when editing my videos.

It is important to note that when I open the video file(s) in File Explorer, I can hear myself in the recording along with everyone in the party, but not in Shotcut.

I have deleted and reinstalled Shotcut several times, but this has not helped.

This is time sensetive, so please respond ASAP.


This comes up here fairly often. You need to add an audio track, add the clip again to the new audio track, select the new clip on the timeline, and change Properties > Audio > Track. Shotcut does not automatically mix all of the audio tracks within a file. That is not a bug; it is by design.

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