Audio playing at double? speed

Hi all,

Noob here.

I’ve converted some old family clips from a dv camcorder to avi files some time ago using some propriety software that came with the dv camcorder. These files are huge … 10gb+ for a 60min tape.

I’m now trying to convert these files in Shortcut to mp4. In doing so, the audio sounds fast / like everyone’s sucked helium. The video seems to be playing at normal speed.

Any tips on what I can try to resolve this? See settings of the file below (apologies for the quality - phone pic of the monitor)


You should try converting them to raw DV. The process is lossless, but it does take nearly the same amount of space. The AVI version of this has the exact same raw DV in it, but it also an unnecessary index and redundant audio in its own track/stream. There might be something odd about that redundant audio track causing a problem. Example command line (Shotcut comes with a copy of ffmpeg):
ffmpeg -i dv.avi -codec copy raw.dv
Change the file names to suit your case, but the output file must be named “.dv”
This type of raw DV can be read by many applications including, for example, Shotcut and VLC but not all.

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