Audio keeps stuttering bruh

Using a WAV file in the editor and it keeps stuttering near the start of each bit of audio I split up. I’ve tried extracting the sub clip thing then converting that to edit friendly but the extracting sub clip thing is trash as and doesn’t even have the same audio wave things as the original one. I’ve already edited points of the video to match the original audio but the extracted audio doesn’t match the same as the original one. Also why did you make it so you have to extract the sub clip to be able to convert it to edit friendly? Why can’t it just convert that one clip to edit friendly instead of the whole audio file if I don’t save it as it’s own thing?

Here’s what it sounds like when exported and when I first play the video in the editor (stuttering):

Sounds a bit like the compiler is haning on that point, you may try a hardware encoder for export and have a look if the problem is solved.

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