Audio keeps continuing on

So, I recorded through a webcam in OBS as an MP4 on the H264 codec and AAC for sound (seperate audio), then I imported it into shotcut and changed the properties and put the audio in it’s own seperate track and funny things started happening. The video takes awhile to play, then after it finally starts playing it doesn’t matter what I do to the audio, it just continues to play normally whether I back up, go halfway into the video or all the way to the end it keeps going from where it was so I can’t edit it.

Oddly enough when I play the video in windows media player the video has to buffer? I don’t under though because it’s on my local hard drive.

I fixed it, I ended up just exporting it in it’s bad state and putting the exported file in and it worked fine.

OK, I want to add that this sounds a little like an A/V sync bug that was fixed for the coming 18.11 version. It is not a fix for all possible A/V sync problems because there are many possible sources for them, but this particular one happens frequently with capture sources.

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