Audio filters will not apply

So I’m editing a video and trying to bleep out any swears. I have one video file in the V1 field and an A1 audio track below it.

  1. I locate the swear in V1 and isolate it by splitting at the play head before and after the swear.
  2. I apply a mute filter to the isolated V1 segment.
  3. I put a audio bleep in the A1 track immediately below the muted section of V1.
  4. I select the bleep audio file in the A1 track and add a gain filter of -20bb.
  5. As soon as I click off the bleep audio file it immediately revers to a 0.0db gain filter.

This used to work before I updated to the most recent version. Any ideas?

I reproduced this in v18.05. Before you adjust the gain filter’s level, move the play head to somewhere in the middle of the clip. If it is at the very beginning or the very end, then it is not applying your change. This is a problem with the introduction of the new simple keyframes for the gain filter. It thinks you are trying to adjust either the starting or ending value. I will work on a fix for it for the next version. It should not do that unless you have actually used the simple keyframes.

Thank you very much for the assistance.

Is there any way to also apply a work around to images? I’m having the same problem when I try to shorten the duration of an image posted in the V1 timeline.

Example here:

I was just wondering if this will fix the problem I had here:

(ie changing the length of a clip seemed to have no effect on the overlay filter)?