Audio filters not applied to extract sub-clip

I’m trying to export a sub-clip with a limiter audio filter applied. No matter what I do the filter is not applied to the export using the sub-clip when played in VLC, the limiter is MIA. When I export the entire video, the limiter is applied and it is very obvious in VLC that it is applied. Is this a bug or is there a specific thing that needs to be done for applying audio filters to extract sub-clip?

My use case is exporting songs from several 1+ hour streaming shows recorded on OBS. My workflow order is applying audio filters to the entire video, apply ‘split at playhead’ to the actual songs, and exporting the songs one by one to mp4 clips. Is this the best workflow/method to export song by song clips?

Windows 10, Shotcut v 20.11.28.


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Maybe I rushed through my tests since I didn’t check on a subclip but on a whole track.
Anyway I show what I have tested.

I applied the limiter over the entire V1 track and made adjustments so that the gain reduction indicator was very evident

I did export with Youtube preset for the project without the filter limiter and another export with the filter limiter active.
I imported the audios on Audacity, from both exports and it can clearly be seen as the filter limiter if it was applied in the export (lower waveform).

My project is of short duration, so I don’t know if this will influence the problem.

When you use extract sub-clip any filters applied will not be applied in the export.

Extract sub-clip makes a copy of the section of video. For the filters to be applied the video has to be re-encoded.


Hello @streamer42
This is where you don’t use the timeline. Just use the playlist.
Open the file (loads into source, for now leave it there), and click/open the Playlist.

  1. Apply your audio filter.
  2. Source, find the starting point of your first song, and hit I
  3. Find the end point O.
  4. Hit the + in the playlist.
    a. Repeat steps 2 - 4 for each song
    b. You can scroll up/down in the time code window for fine control where you want to place in/out points. There are many Player keyboard shortcuts to aid you in moving the playhead to find the correct time code for each point.
  5. Double click one item in the playlist, this loads into the source player from the points you set.
  6. Open the Export panel, and select “Source” where it say from.
  7. Select the audio preset you want.
  8. Export File, and name your file.
    a. Repeat steps 5 - 8 for each item in your playlist.

thanks for clarifying

Thanks, I’ll give this a try tomorrow

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