Audio filter "normalise one pass"

I have tried out the audio filter “normalise one pass”. It looks like there is nothing for the user to adjust/set in this filter. Am I right or do I miss anything?

Thank you.

Depending on what you are looking for there are several parameters to adjust.
First the target loudness (for Youtube I adjust -16 dBFs).

The measurement levels (input loudness and output gain) will show what the filter is doing, so:
If the input loudness is above the target loudness, the output gain will reduce.
If the input loudness is below the target loudness, you will see an increase in the output gain.
In addition, you can adjust the gain limits as well as the analysis window.

It may happen that if your audio has a loudness similar to the target loudness you set in the filter, the output gain will vary imperceptibly.
In the example, the audio has a loudness close to -16 dBFs so at first, the output gain is almost zero, for a target loudness of -16 dBFs.
However, when I reduce the target loudness, the output gain drops accordingly to achieve that target.

Is it possible that @prodeint is facing the same problem as @Retro_Pie ?

I see. Thank you both.

@prodeint, are you seeing the same blank filter parameters area that @Retro_Pie reported?

No, it’s like @ejmillan has told.

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Thank you

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