Audio desyncs when exported

I made a 25 minute compilation of 170 different clips, muted. The audio is 7 different songs. Two tracks are used. The clips are recorded with nintendo switch. the framerates vary from 29,8 to 30,4 fps, and they are variable. now when i export the video to the youtube preset, the audio desyncs. I saw some other topics but i dont know what to do. Can you please help me out?


Audio sync problems are known to occur when editing with variable frame rate clips. Did you convert the clips using Shotcut’s “Convert” feature in the properties panel?

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No, and I don’t know how to redo that. Does that fix it if I convert all my 170 clips to the same framerate?

I would expect converting variable frame rate clips to constant frame rate will fix your sync problem.

When you open a clip with variable frame rate, Shotcut tries to detect it - and if detected will prompt the user to convert it. Sometimes Shotcut fails to detect variable frame rate.

To start, pick a couple of clips that are known to have poor sync, and run the convert process from the clp properties panel:

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@brian when i click on convert it lets me choose between three options using a movable bar. What do i do here?

Choose “Highest” if you can afford the space. The bar is jus a range of quality vs size. The left is smaller, but slightly lower quality (to be honest, most people can’t notice the difference - but you be the judge).

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