Audio crackling issue

I recently installed Shotcut and there’s a horrible audio crackling issue. Previously, Shotcut had never done this before. It’s very annoying it makes it impossible to edit. How do I fix this?

Does this happen with every file you put in?

Go to the “Search” area above (the magnifying glass) and type “Audio Crackl;ing”. You will see various threads displayed, some of which may answer your query, which is too vague for anyone to answer without much more detailed information.

If you copy SDL2.dll from the older version (portable download) into the folder containing shotcut.exe for the new version does the problem go away?

Or, if you try to do the exact same thing in the portable older version does it still have a problem?

The current version 20.06 upgraded the DLL it uses for audio output on Windows, and some users reported a problem like this the last time we tried this.

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Came today to report on this issue popping up the moment I installed the latest 20.06 update. Audio is crackly as all get out in preview - but not present in the compiled product.

EDIT: I can confirm that copying the former SDL2.dll (from the freshly downloaded zip file you linked) into the install directory fixes the issue.

Thanks for testing that. I will revert the DLL in the next version 20.07.

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Did not upgraded all 2020 versions but with update 20.06.28, it immediatly start crackling while playing/editing clip. Even all muted left a sound. I replaced the dll as suggested and immediatly fixed the issue.

Was really annoying but fixed with dll.

Thanks for solution.(worth create account)

This is fixed for the next release 20.07 due in a few days.


I just upgraded from 19 to 20 and am having this issue now too. Is there an archive I can access with the older installer, in the meantime? I have a bunch of editing I need to get done today.

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You could always download an older version (e.g. v20.04.12) from here:

related github issue

This problem is not solved on windows 10.

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