Audio clicks occurring in exported video of music/text slides

I’m creating music for an online facebook church service that involves using stills with lyrics and a separate wave file . After I export the file as a default MP4 I notice a click were the transitions are occurring for the songs. These are not present in playback of the original .mlt file that Im working with. My typical procedure is to use two stills that are the same, one regular transitioning into the one with the text. Usually I will adjust the transition time by dragging the transition further over so that I can make sure that it syncs with the music. I will also use the crop source filter set at the center so that the still will fill the screen. This is frustrating any help would be appreciated.

There are some fixes for this in the current beta if you want to give it a try.

I was going to try the Beta but it doesn’t seem to want to install the normal way is there a file that will walk through the installation instead of the difficult way?

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