Aspect ratio issues

I am trying to make a video in 16:9 - which is what I usually do. Most of my stills and clips are in 16:9, but I have a couple of clips to add to this project which are taller and not as wide. I just put them in my playlist as they were, thinking they would just have some black at the sides, which is what I wanted, but instead, I’m getting black bars at the top and bottom of everything else. How can do what I’m trying to do?

I’m not great with shotcut/video jargon, but I can follow simple instructions, so please be gentle!

Thanks in advance!

My understanding is (not 100% sure) it all depends on your video mode settings in SC (settings - video mode). Normally these settings are set automatically by the first clip you draw into your project. If you want your final video 16:9 FHD - set the video mode accordingly. For clips not matching that ratio you can use the crop-filter + size&position to set it where you want it. Also make your your export settings are correct. Hope that helps.

This seems to be the solution I need! I made a couple of short tests, and as long as the first clip I add is 16:9, things are working out okay and the exports are as expected.

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