Applying text caption to timeline clip

Hi, I’ve used Shotcut a few times last year to transfer text I’ve typed on the main window to the chosen clip on the timeline. Now i can’t get it to work. Around November last year I did have a computer problem, losing all my programmes, which were re-installed by my IT guru, including Shotcut. Now using Version 20.10.31, Windows 10. Previously to add text I went via filters, text was towards the end. Double clicking a box opened with a timecode, e.g. 00.00.15, then the text was typed followed by deleting the time. There was then some or other link to apply that text to the relevant clip. As of now I see no text option in the filter list; I go to “open other” at the top, then click text. After this there is a box to type in text, but no 00.00.15, the no visible means of applying that to the timeline clip. I’ve tried dragging to the clip, but that just loses the text. I’m highlighting the clip before initiating the text process, but when trying dragging the text the clip is no longer highlighted. I just don’t understand. Before this i had become adept at adding text and had completed two or three edited videos ( 40-50 mins long) with captions along the way. Help!
Jeff Elder

Hello, @jelder.

Running a quick compare between Shotcut versions 18.11. 18 and 21.02.15beta, I see (as I expected from comments in various Forum enries) that several filters (3D and HTML) have been removed, and “Text” has been replaced with “Text:rich” and “Text:Simple” . So things have definitely changed.

Myself, I have avoided these altogether, preferring to keep image work separate from video work, then combining.

I use an image program (I use The Gimp), with far richer tools than one finds in a video edit app, to create my tittles, then export them as PNG files with transparency (alpha channel) in the same size as my video. Then I combine with the video on the Timeline (separate track for titles) from the Playlist, applying filters to each such as Fade In Video for transition effects.

Hi @jelder, this might help:


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