Apply Mask to Many Clips? (Or Cut/Paste Filters?)

I need to apply the same mask to scores of clips; is there a way to do that?

Or at least a way to cut/paste a filter from one clip to many? Or from one clip to one other? (Retaining all the settings, of course.)

Pardon! Tried Ctrl-C/Ctrl-V on my filter again and it worked. Could have sworn I tried that yesterday and it didn’t…

Ctrll+C and Ctrl+V does not copy and paste filters. It operates on whole clips. You need to click the copy and paste buttons in the Filters panel.

Ah; great. Was merrily Ctrl-C/Crtl-C-ing away and it seemed to work (I saw the filter)–but now I see it copied both clip & filters (expected, now that I understand).

Was trying to figure out the odd behavior I was seeing. Saved me frustration–appreciated!

(Nice lighting on the head shot, BTW.)

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